• Pete Dunne Art
The Event

London Irish Centre, Camden – Summer Art Show

Event Details

Pop-up gallery, promotion of artistic work, London Irish Art

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About This Project

In May of 2018, Hooper and Kind was invited to curate an art show for the London Irish Centre in Camden.


This is the first of a series of curated shows at the much loved centre.  Folk were invited to take themselves on a ‘a spin around the West’.  A beautiful journey through rural west of Ireland landscapes, taking in the country lanes of Tipperary and the wild Atlantic seaboard of County Clare.


This series of paintings, enabled the artist to return to his Irish roots, and reconnect with the West.  He set out to explore the ‘rose tinted’ view that allows us, the immigrant, to divorce ourselves from the reality of everyday life, in the Ireland we left behind. The immigrants identity is forged between two places. To always have a foot in each camp, is the lot of the London Irish.