• exhibition by hooper and kind photo by john kelly
  • John Kelly Exhibition - London Irish Centre Sept 2018 - 800
  • John Kelly Exhibition - London Irish Centre Sept 2018
Event Details

Pop-up gallery, Promotion of artistic work, Clare Award winning photographer

The Event

London Irish Centre - Autumn Exhibition

About This Project

Hooper and Kind organised a Photography Exhibition for the London Irish Centre in Autumn of 2019.

The collection showcased the wonderful photos by AWARD-winning Irish photographer, John Kelly.  Having a long and celebrated career as staff photographer with the Clare Champion newspaper, the Autumn exhibition will showcase a diverse range of fascinating images captured by John, over a period of 25 years.

His images have the power to stir up strong memories and transport us back to Irish communities we once knew and were part of.  John has a fascination and talent for capturing people in the moment, documenting the lows as well as the highs of their lives and ultimately revealing relationships between his subjects.