know WordPress

so you can look after your website, yourself!

Learn wordpress as we build your website together

We build WORDPRESS websites for cool startups, independent artists, for 'right on' projects and interesting humans. Over the past few years, it has become clear to us that our clients want to know how the WordPress content management system works. They want to feel comfortable editing their own content, adding images, changing menu items and working with widgets.  For that reason, it made sense that HOOPER AND KIND would offer clients, a special tailored learning session to introduce them to WORDPRESS and its workings.

So, whether you are someone who is new to the world of web and wordpress, or someone who just needs some pointers - we will sit down with you and make you comfortable with your new Hooper and Kind website.  And remember that in the long term, this training will SAVE YOU MONEY as you will never have to rely on a website developer to update your website. Knowledge is Power so let us empower you!

We offer this as part of the Hooper and Kind web package - click below to see what you need to know!

  • An introduction to WordPress CMS
  • Accessing your Wordpress admin dashboard
  • Editing a website page
  • Creating a new website page
  • Creating your website posts / blog
  • Adding links to text
  • Working with 'customerize'
  • Working with the widget area
  • Editing the navigation or menu bar
  • Adding an image to your site
  • Learn basic html tags
  • Plus - explaining plugins specific to your website

Training and site development starts at just £600. Click below to get a quote and investigate possibilities today!