Creative projects by Gill Kelly - Digital Designer
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My Story

and the creative endeavor goes on

From Story Maker to Story Builder. Always a Storyteller.

Previously a storymaker and devising original tales, my theatre work came to an end in 2011.  I hung up my… actually I didn’t hang up anything but opted to place gently, all my possessions into a large industrial skip and with that, stole away to London Town in search of my next creative release.  It would be in fact, a ‘slow release’ exploration of all things digital.  As I met and introduced myself to the awesome sounding tech talk of wireframes and widgets,  I leaned into this ever expanding cyber world with its tools to liberate and connect, explore and rewire, surf and reverb.  The blurry idea that was Hooper and Kind on the horizon has now form and substance and creative guile.  I find myself stalling at those crossroads signposted “DIGITAL POSSIBILITIES 4KM” and “ARTISTIC CREATIONS 3.5KM”, meeting the most interesting people to spend a few hours.  It was in these conversations that the idea of Hooper and Kind was born and found its own way onto the digital landscape – like a cozy tent at the festival, brewing tea and ‘vibrating’ ideas into being.

Gill Kelly.

However Hooper and Kind is not just me!  Every project is different and can require the creative and technical skills from a pool of wonderful freelancers.